Patient Resources

Your first visit to Gilbert Group establishes a foundation for our ongoing relationship. During this visit, we will review your medical and dental history. You will have a chance to meet your doctor and ask any questions on your mind. For this reason, we ensure that your first appointment allows plenty of time, so you don’t feel rushed while getting to know our team members. Please read the following information and complete the online forms prior to that visit. With Gilbert Dental Group, your smile is in great hands.

Initial Visit

Thank you for choosing Gilbert Dental Group for your oral health needs.

As a new patient, we want to provide you with an overview of what to expect during your first visit to our office. When you arrive for your appointment, our friendly staff will greet you and process your information. Our online intake forms allow our dentists to get to know you and your individual needs.

Your initial exam will last approximately one hour. This visit will help us get acquainted with each other and learn about your goals and desires for your dental treatment. Generally, we will take X-rays, allowing our doctors to examine the jaw’s structure, teeth position, and tooth condition. Upon completion of your examination and X-rays, we will provide you with a comprehensive dental health report based on their findings and results. Our practice focuses on technology, and one of the benefits is an intra-oral camera to give you a video tour of concerning areas if needed. Our dentists will review procedures and recommendations and outline an individualized format specific to your dental health.

Our dental hygienists will perform a full general cleaning or begin any recommended therapy for treating gum/periodontal disease and provide oral hygiene instructions, along with suggestions to help you care for your teeth.

We believe that good dental care begins with open communication. We promise to speak candidly about any symptoms present that may require further dental treatment, share our diagnoses, discuss alternative treatment options, and suggest our recommendations. Working together, we can achieve a true partnership with one common goal: keeping your smile beautiful and your teeth, gums, and jaw joints healthy!


New Patient Forms

To prepare for your upcoming appointment, Gilbert Dental Group provides our patient forms online. Completing forms before your visit will also help ensure timely check-in for your appointment. Please go to our secure online portal to complete your forms electronically.



At Gilbert Dental Group, we believe no smile should go left untreated because of financial concerns. Your treatment plan will include a breakdown of all applicable fees, and we will inform you of all costs before any treatment.

Our practice is committed to providing the best treatment and we charge what is usual and customary for our area. You are responsible for payment regardless of any insurance company’s arbitrary determination of usual and customary rates.

We would be happy to discuss our charges and how they relate to your particular situation. We also realize that temporary financial situations may affect the timely payment of your account. If such problems do arise, we encourage you to contact us promptly for assistance in the management of your account.

For additional questions about Insurance, please contact our office at 864-686-8425.


At Gilbert Dental Group, we know the cost of obtaining a brilliant and beautiful smile is sometimes limited by the ability to pay for certain dental procedures. We partner with well-known companies to offer financing options so you can achieve the smile of your dreams.

We accept the following forms of payment: Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Payment for services is due at the time services are rendered unless prior arrangements have been made with the doctor and the billing receptionist. If dentures, partial dentures, crowns, or bridges are to be fabricated by a dental laboratory, a 50% deposit will be required at the time of the first impression. The balance is due at the time the prosthesis is cemented or inserted. If special arrangements are needed, please talk to our office manager prior to receiving service. We will be glad to assist you in any way we can.

Contact our office at 864-298-0229 to discuss financing options.